Celebrating 500 years of Lord Chaitanya's sannyas initiation

Throughout ISKCON the 500th anniversary of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's sannyasa initiation will be celebrated from the 14th to the 19th of January.

The actual date of His acceptance of sannyasa is a little obscure but it is definitely between those dates. Lord Chaitanya left home early in the morning on the auspicious day of Makara sankranthi when the sun begins its northern journey. The Lord was in His 24th year when he took sannyasa.

In the Caitanya Bhagavat chapters 26-28 and the Caitanya Mangal chapters 10-14 there is much information on this pastime. In the 28th chapter of the Chaitanya Bhagavat Sri Vrindavan Das Thakur proclaims, "The Madhya-khanda section of this book ends with the Lord receiving sannyasa. Whosoever hears this narration will immediately be rewarded with servitorship to His lotus feet. By hearing this most auspicious pastime of sannyasa initiation, one certainly receives the ultimate treasure of krsna-prema.”

Some of the programmes organised in Mauritius to mark this event are as follows:

Thursday 14th January at 7pm: Abhishek of Sri Sri Nitai Gaura Nataraj at the Albion Community Centre.

Saturday 16th January at 7.15pm: Pandal programme and cultural show at the Mungar family in Curepipe.

Sunday 17th January at 7.30pm: Drama by JayaKrishna prabhu (Bhaktivedanta Players from the UK) at Sri Sri Radha Golokananda Mandir.

Monday 18th January at 7.30pm: Maha Harinam starting at the Shivala of Bambous

Tuesday 19th January at 7.30pm: Maha Harinam starting at Alma.