Sunday Feast Coupons

The following article written by Padmavati Mataji, is based on an interview with Vijay prabhu (co-TP of Hare Krsna Land) and Hari Mohan prabhu (who takes care of the Sunday Feast at Hare Krsna Land).

A few months have passed since the new prasadam serving system has
been implemented at the Sri Sri Radha Golokananda temple, Phoenix.

Temple Management has put this system in place out of genuine
concern to improve the attendance at the Sunday Programme and the prasadam
service in order to better serve devotees and guests. It is not a new
introduction in ISKCON. Other Temples like our Delhi Temple have already
adopted this system.

The Sunday Programme timings are from 14 30 to 17 00 followed by the
distribution of sanctified meal (prasadam). Currently, those devotees and
guests coming between 14 15 to 16 00 are provided with a coupon which
entitles them to a full plate of free and sumptuous prasadam and
priority in serve-out. Eventually, at a later stage, those who come after 16
00 may be requested to make a token contribution for
prasadam plate.

In this connection, we have conducted an interview of Vijaya das (Co-Temple
President) and Harimohan das (Sunday Feast Programme Coordinator) with the
aim of making Sunday feasts attendees aware about the objective behind
putting this new system in place.

Why has the new system of prasadam service been implemented?

Many years ago, from the times ISKCON centre was at the White House, in the
early 80's, our Sunday Programme used to start from 12 30. We were having a
good number of people attending, but gradually people started coming late.
Then the Sunday program was scheduled to start at 2.30 pm. After
observing the trend for some time, we noticed that still people came
late. We also observed that during Srila Prabhupada's Guru Puja,
kirtan, arati and Sunday lecture there were less people. But during
prasadam time more people were there. We have started this prasadam
service system as a means to encourage people to come earlier and
attend most of the programs. Since the coupon system was introduced, we
noticed that indeed many people started
coming earlier and the attendance during the various programs have
increased. This system is to help everyone get the full spiritual benefits
of the Guru puja, Kirtan, Aarti and Spiritual Discourse. Srila Prabupada
offered us a full package for the Sunday programme and the prasadam is only
one item.

A contribution may be eventually requested of those who don't possess a
prasadam coupon. Some people are thinking that this is a new business
by ISKCON. What are your comments?

Aim of the use of coupon is not to do business. It's just to encourage
early attendance and participate in spiritual activity. Generally a
sumptuous Sunday feast costs around Rs10,000 for approximately 400
persons - which means Rs25 per head. We shall not be making any profit by
charging say a token of Rs20 to those who don't have prasadam coupon. Those
who don't
have coupons can also wait for the second round of prasadam service
(when all those who have helped in cooking and serving are served)

without having to make a contribution.

How is the communication being made to the new guests coming?

We have a Guest Reception Counter at the entrance with a few devotees taking
care of receiving the guests. They identify the newcomers and give them the
prasadam coupon.

The temple management board and Sunday feast organizing committee
rely on the understanding, collaboration and support of all devotees and
guests to make this new system a success as the aim is only to encourage
attendance and participation in the various activities held during the
Sunday Programme. Vijaya das, Harimohan das and Raghava Pandit das
(Secretary - Sunday feast committee) can be contacted on
9153625, 2575114 and 2594075 respectively for further clarifications.

Suggestions are also most welcome from everyone to help the Temple
Management team to improve their service to all devotees and
wellwishers. The only aim is to serve you better.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
Hare Krishna.
Padmavati Devi Dasi