Opening of CPD Cultural Centre

The ISKCON Congregation Preaching Directorate (CPD) for Mauritius would be opening a Vedic Cultural Centre in the largest and most populated district of Mauritius, at Royal Road, St Remy, Central Flacq (1st Floor of Ramkhelawon Bldg-ex
Development Bank of Mauritius) on Saturday 14 August 2010 from 14h00 to 17h00.

The vision and mission of this project is to share the different facets of
Krishna Consciousness to the people of this region and beyond. Different
devotees/professionals have been identified for different courses and
activities which would be as follows:

1. Hatha Yoga Classes
2. Music- Sitar, tabla, vocal, mrdanga etc.
3. Cooking Classes
4. Grihasta Counselling
5. Children courses etc
6. Bhagavad Gita courses
7. Sunday program
8. Teachings of "Songs of Vaisnava Acharyas"
9. Sunday Morning Program
10. Vaisnava Satsang

Enrolment for the courses would start on the day of opening.

Besides the above mentioned activities, we have the potential of running
courses in colleges in the vicinity where we have around 10,000 students.

You and your family are kindly invited to attend the opening ceremony.

Will be present:
His Grace Ajay Caitanya prabhu, President of ISKCON Mauritius
Hon. Anil Kumar BACCHOO, Minister of Public Infrastructure, NDU, Land
Transport & Shipping
Dr. the Hon. Vasant Kumar BUNWAREE, Minister of Education & Human Resource
Hon Mookhesswur CHOONEE, Minister of Arts and Culture
Hon. Prithivirajsing ROOPUN, Deputy Speaker, National Assembly
Hon. Mrs. Prateebah K BHOLAH, Parliamentary Private Secretary
Hon. Dhiraj Singh KHAMAJEET, Member of National Assembly
Mr. Udaye Kumar GHOORAH, Chairman Moka/Flacq District Council