Krishna Fun Tones

The Vaikuntha Vibes, the ISKCON youth band of Mauritius, launched their third album during the Janmasthami 2010 celebrations. The album is available at our temple gift shops. If you wish to have one of their new songs as the ringing tone on your cell phone here are the codes.

Pranam Mantras:022044, Prayer to the sakhis: 022045, Jiv Jago (intro) 022046, Jiv Jago: 022047, Radhika Stava: 022048, Vraja Dham: 022049, Lover of Radha: 022050, Krishna, friend of the poor: 022051, Sri Krishna Bhagavan Swayam: 022053, Jaya Hanuman: 022054.

The above ring tones are available to Cellplus users. To buy any one of them type "fun(space)(code of your choice)" in the body of your message and send it to 8787.