Practicing at Home

It is easier to practice bhakti-yoga if one lives in a temple or holy place because one is constantly reminded of Krishna in spiritually surcharged atmospheres. However, Lord Krishna explained to Arjuna in the Bhagavad-gita that there was no need for him to abandon his duties in life but he only needed to perform them for the pleasure of the Supreme. Lord Chaitanya reiterated the fact that one need not give up his position in material life. Therefore, a person can perform devotional service from his home.

This section gives some simple guidelines on how one can turn one's home into a temple and practise spiritual life every day.

Nevertheless, association with devotees and practical service to the Lord in the temple is also very important for those who are serious about spiritual advancement so please do visit the temple for the Sunday Feast or at another time as per our temple schedule. We would be very pleased if you could also join in our festivals and contact us if you would like to do any service for Krishna.