Vaikuntha Vibes Youth Concert

Vaikuntha Vibes Concert 2010

Some photos of the event may be viewed here. The Vaikuntha Vibes, (a spiritual band composed of devotee youth)are well known for performing in the Youth Tent at Hare Krishna Land every Janmasthami.

They also open the Mahebourg Waterfront Festival with their beautiful songs. On Saturday 18th December the Vaikuntha Vibes held their first concert,at the Octave Wiehe Auditorium. ISKCON youth groups choreographed many of the songs and the ISKCON Youth Forum (IYF) performed a sketch showing how the forces of the material world: lust, anger and greed lead to frustration. It is only by surrender to the spiritual process that one can attain real peace and happiness. You may view some photos of the event here. More photos and videos will be posted when they are received.