Perfection Of Yoga

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On 5th July 2011, an interesting exposition on the “Perfection of Yoga” took place with Laxmimoni Dasi as the speaker at the Harland Hall of the Emory University campus in Atlanta, USA.
An enthusiastic audience of professors, students and public from many walks of life graced the occasion. The interesting lecture was immediately followed by a lot of questions from the audience on the topic of bhakti yoga. Even while the dinner prasadam was in progress, the speaker was flooded with more questions, mostly from the first-timers in the audience. Srila Prabhupada's books were very popular at the information desk setup in the hall.
The organizers Gita Govinda Das, Gita Dasi and their North Atlanta congregation team offered the audience follow up Bhakti Yoga classes on a regular basis.

By Gita Govinda Das for ISKCON News on 13 Jul 2011