Advent of Bhagavad-Gita

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You may view photos of the event here
In an effort to sensitize the Mauritian public about the importance of the teachings of Bhagavad-Gita, ISKCON Phoenix organised a national Gita-Jayanti programme at the Octave Wiehe Auditorim on the 6th of December 2011. His Holiness Bhakti Dhir Damodar Swami, His Grace Ksudhi prabhu and His Grace Sarvabhauma prabhu were the guests of honour and spoke on the glories of Bhagavad-Gita.

The highlight of the event was the prize-giving for ISKCON's annual Gita essay competion. The competition comprised of 2 categories: the first for students under the age of 23 years of which the title of the essay was “Whatever action a great man performs, common men follow. Whaever standards he sets by exemplary acts all the world pursues” BG 3.21. Describe the nature of an ideal leader in light of this quotation from Bhagavad-Gita. The second category was open to the ISKCON youth and the title was "Identity crisis in modern civilization. Discuss this statement in light of the teachings of Bhagavad-Gita". The winners of each category were offered a ticket to India and a tour of Delhi and Vrindavan for one week. All participants received attractive certificates of participation.

To further promote Bhagavad-Gita As It Is, ISKCON offered 500 Bhagavad-Gitas to the Ministry of Education, to be distributed to secondary school libraries. Mr. Gunness, the Permanent Secretary to the Minister of Education accepted the gift on behalf of the Ministry.

The programme also consisted of bhajans, a Bhagavad-Gita song presented by the children of ISKCON Phoenix Sunday Gurukula, a dance depicting Lord Krsna's instruction to Arjuna on the battlefield of Kuruksetra beautifully presented by the Rasika Dance Academy and a drama presented by the Goloka Players and the ISKCON Youth Forum, portraying the disrobing of Draupadi - the last of the insults to the Pandavas, by their Kaurava cousins, which led to the Mahabharata war.

The programme concluded with an impressive video clip covering the 5 subject matters of Bhagavad-Gita, prepared by Prem Sewpaul. Ekadasi prasadam was served to all.

Winners of the Gita Essay Competition Students' Category:
Winner: Baboololl Anup Sharma
1st Runner up: Seeruthun Swavesh
2nd Runner up: Sharma Shastry Achalashree
Winners of the Gita Essay Competition ISKCON Youth Category:
Winner: Jhugroo Avinash
1st Runner up: Chamrah Manish
2nd Runner up: Boodhun Vishwanath Kumar

Fund Raising Team for the programme and flex exhibition: Satyabhama, Akuti, Vinata, Pran-Priya Matajis
The above matajis also got sponsorship for 300 Bhagavad-Gitas offered to the Ministry of Education.
Additional Donors for Prizes: Mr. Shobha, Mr. Roye, Mr. Navin Ramchurn, Mr. Satyam Alleck
Additional Donors for flex exhibition: Shatteaum Sewpaul and Mr. Nursy
Additional sponsorship for Bhagavad-Gitas offered to the Ministry of Education was collected by Shungkur prabhu
Gita Essay Competition was organised by Vidur prabhu and team
The flex display was designed and prepared by Acarya Ratna prabhu, Vidur prabhu, Nara-Naryan(KDS) prabhu, Gaura-Gopal prabhu, Rasamrta mataji. Thanks to Premanjali mataji for proof-reading.
Donation of Vegetables: Mr. Ramchurn
Prasadam Preparation: Srinvas Thakur, Raghunath prabhu and their helpers
Prasadam Coordination: Satrugna prabhu and team
Prasadam Serving: Maitreya and Hari Mohan prabhus
Vip set up and service: Vishwambhar prabhu and team
VIP reception: Acarya Ratna prabhu and team
Floor Manager: Navakishore prabhu
Venue Manager: Visnu Hari and Kissan prabhus
MC: Deepti Mataji
Pr Team: Shateeaum and Srinjay prabhus
Bhajans: Kaunteya prabhu and team
BCEC Sunday Gurukul presentation: Nitya Rupa Mataji, Yasoda Mataji and Shyam Gopal prabhu
Drama: Goloka Players, ISKCON Youth Forum, Karunika and Rasamrta Matajis
Video Clip: Prem Sewpaul

Thank you also to the nama-hatta of Phoenix and the Congregational Preaching Directorate for assisting and inviting many guests, and also to the Temple President, Haridev prabhu.