Visit of HH Gopal Krsna Goswami to Mauritius May 2012


After an absence of two years, His Holiness Gopal Krsna Goswami visited Mauritius from 22nd May to 28th May 2012. Every day His Holiness gave Srimad Bhagavatam class in the morning and Bhagavat Gita class in the evening. His lectures my be heard here.

On Wednesday 23rd May His Holiness made a presentation in the Octave Wiehe Auditorium and lectured on the topic “The Role of Leaders in Shaping an Ideal Society”. The programme included an impressive video projection on the mid-day meal project in India,of which His Holiness is a trustee. This project of providing mid-day prasadam meals in schools attended by the poorer sections of society is financially supported by the Indian government and feeds 400,000 children daily. His Holiness highlighted how ISKCON is contributing towards shaping an ideal society through different projects,the mid day meal being one of them. The Honourable Minister of Education, Mr. Vasant Bunwaree, Honourable Minister of Social Integration, Mr. Suren Dayal, Chairman of the National Empowerment Foundation, Mr. Kadress Pillay and other eminent personalities attended. Both ministers appreciated the presentation and intend to work with ISKCON on similar projects for Mauritius.

Sunday 27th May was a very auspicious day especially for those took initiation. There were 26 candidates, 12 for first initiation and 14 for second initiation. Maharaj gave class on the ten offenses and the qualities of a brahmana. The fire sacrifice was performed by His Grace Shatrughna Prabhu. His Holiness gave two Sunday feast lectures, one at Sri Sri Krishna Balaram Mandir and one at Sri Sri Radha Golokananda Mandir. Maharaj inaugurated a new shelter for Tulsi Devi and a green-house at Sri Sri Radha Golokananda Mandir.

On 28th May, Maharaj left Mauritius for Delhi. Photos of Maharaja's visit may be viewed here