Sivaratri Marathon Prize-Giving


Sivaratri is the biggest religious festival in Mauritius. During the week prior to Sivaratri thousands of pilgrims visit Grand Bassin to pay hommage to Lord Siva. For five days Food For Life Mauritius under the care of Raghunath Prabhu at Bon Acceuil and Vrishabhanu Prabhu at Phoenix organised teams of devotees who cooked and served thousands of plates of free prasadam. You may view photos of the prasadam preparation and serving here.

The ISKCON devotees also performed regular harinam and distributed books during the five days leading up to the Great Night of Lord Siva.

About 75 devotees were somehow engaged in book distribution at Ganga Taloa and other spots during the pilgrimage. A total of 22 857 of Srila Prabhupada's books was distributed during the week.

On Sunday the 24th of March, Satyabhama Mataji, the sankirtan leader at ISKCON Hare Krishna Land, Phoenix organised a prize-giving ceremony to thank all the participants and also those who had helped in one way or another. His Holiness Bhakti Caitanya Maharaja personally presented the prizes to all the joyful devotees. He also presented awards of "Very Powerful Preachers" from the international headquarters of congregational preaching in Sridhama Mayapura to the following couples: Giridhari Dasa and Karunika Dasi, Sudama Dasa and Lilavati Dasi, Madangopal Dasa and Priya-Sakhi Dasi.

Satyabhama, Akuti and Vinata Matajis led the book distribution scores with a total of 3872 books distributed. Pran Priya Mataji with her book table team and Sankirtana Prabhu followed in second and third place.

You may listen to the class given by His Holiness Bhakti Caitanya Maharaja before the prize-giving ceremony here and you may view photos of the event here.