Mahatma Pr's Visit April 2013


Mahatma Prabhu served as Temple President in Mauritius at "White House" from 1982 to 1983 and at Hare Krishna Land in 1990 to 1992. He was instrumental in Sri Sri Radha Golokananda's installation and in preparing the first grand Janmasthami festival in Mauritius. After twenty years he returned to Mauritius to share his association through life-changing seminars.

During his absence from Mauritius he developed several workshops through which he shares life-tools to help the devotees face and overcome challenges in devotional life. Mahatma Prabhu describes the Forgiveness Seminar as the most "transformational" of his workshops and the Humility Seminar as the most "heavy" because it deals directly with the false ego. He gave both seminars on consecutive weekends. Each seminar was attended by over 150 participants and was very much appreciated. The participants expressed their eagerness for Mahatma Prabhu to return to teach the seminars in further depth because they were cut short by lack of time. Recordings of the seminars will be made available at a later date. Besides the seminars Mahatma Prabhu spoke at different venues and sang his famous "Govndam Adi Purushum" at both Hare Krishna Land and the ISKCON Vedic Farm. Devotees danced and sang enthusiastically as their chorus "Govindaaaaa" filled the temple rooms - and everyone's heart. Recordings of classes given by Mahatma Prabhu at some of his programmes during his visit may be heard here. Photos of the seminars and other programmes may be viewed here here
Mahatma Prabhu's thank you letter to the devotees,written after his visit, may be read here.