Natural Economy, Cow Protection and the Mode of Goodness.


Like so many things, both Economy and Cow Protection can exist in the Mode of Ignorance, the Mode of Passion and the Mode of Goodness. And although the Economic models can be perceived easily through the different modes of Nature, its way more difficult to differentiate Cow Protection within the different modes of Nature. It’s only been within the last 20 years or so that Cow Protection has taken on any kind of form.

Like so many things, both Economy and Cow Protection can exist in the Mode of Ignorance, the Mode of Passion and the Mode of Goodness. And although the Economic models can be perceived easily through the different modes of Nature, its way more difficult to differentiate Cow Protection within the different modes of Nature. It’s only been within the last 20 years or so that Cow Protection has taken on any kind of form. That it is not just a bunch of cows hanging around a field with red hands all over them and old Maha garlands hanging dishevelled on their horns. At least, on some Cow Protection projects it has been realised there are models to follow, albeit within the two lower modes of nature.

For us as devotees, to marry up the three main components of Cow protection, (1) the mode of goodness, (2) Community and (3) Natural Economy, we have to come to that standard, personally. Mostly what we have tried to do is to copy and mimic the commercial models in many ways, which means managing cow protection in the two lower modes of nature. The most striking difference has only been that our Cows are not slaughtered. Most of the Cow Protection projects have not followed a mode of goodness model because they have not realised that Cow Protection only exists in its most efficacious model when it is married to Natural economy, symbiotic relationships, and the real dynamic of community. It could even be suggested that V.A.D has at its centre the Natural Economy based on Cow Protection within the model of the mode of Goodness because the V.A.D model is headed by mode of goodness Brahmana’s.

Although the other Varnas are pre-disposed to the lower modes of nature it’s only the Brahmanas who direct society, just as bodies follow the heads’ direction even though they may be arms, stomachs or legs. Bearing this analogy in mind, that we devotees must all be pre-disposed to the mode of goodness as a minimum standard, it brings into the whole model of economy so many other dynamics such as economy, energy usages, building construction, types of transportation, local diets, social arrangements, and the whole basis of Natural Economy- Krishna’s Cow Protection Agricultural and Trading model.

Because we are a preaching movement all that we do is enveloped within a preaching strategy. And the whole idea behind V.A.D. is the perfect preaching tool for society to exist and function. So, it is that we have to grapple with a plethora of issues to function and to preach simultaneously. Now one of those humongous items is Cow Protection, which has not been so successful. But we have to realise how to make cow protection successful. And the whole concept unfolds and unfurls within a lovely sequential dynamic. The idea of cow protection is to base it on an economic model, not to make money or profits but to support society in its entirety. Cow Protection turns into the Natural Economic Model which then turns into the Symbiotic Relationship which in turn marries up to Community and is all tied together by the mode of Goodness.

The main concept of agricultural activities is to grow food, which is the prime and premier economic consideration for mankind, and also to solve all economic problems. All other economic considerations are invented, artificial and unnecessary. That’s the illusion of capitalism that ties us to its model.

But the origin of this natural model is based on Cows eating grass, grasslands. Agricultural grasslands are the main substantive item that kick-starts Natural Economy. This important point for Natural economy is diametrically opposed to capitalism, which is based on Tractors guzzling Diesel to over produce agricultural goods, and huge artificial agricultural inputs, and massively over industrialised machinery, all to supply supermarket shelves with low class products available 24…7….365, with about 30% just thrown away.

Cow Protection in the mode of goodness provides many facilities for mankind, viz a viz Milk and Milk products, Grains in a plenty, Natural energy, Draught and Torque power for Agricultural activities, for transportation and for hauling….and all aesthetically pleasing visually……that solves all economic problems.

And the cherry on top of the cake, to which there is no equivalent on this planet, is Cow Manures. When we self-digest manures and carbon based plants together anaerobically, without the presence of air, then we can not only collect Methane Gas for energy, freely, but also wind up with Ammonium Bi-Carbonate, the best plant food on the planet. It’s way better than Nitrates and Nitrites that exist in normally composted manure heaps, and the Methane is lost. This makes cow protection a wholesome and complete package on this level of economy. What Cow Protection offers and facilitates to Mankind is a perfect and complete, self-sustaining model for Agriculture and Farming to provide all our own food, all our own energy in a pantheistical- environmental structure, and a symbiotic relationship of Personalism that replaces the modern day industrial impersonal model for food production. Not only that but we totally by-pass all the dependency on chemicals, the Petro-Chemical industry and the totally exploitative Import-Export markets.

Because Cow protection is based on a “local-area” dynamic that produces the food we need and by-passes the capitalistic model of exploiting the worlds resources without discrimination, it means we have to seriously rearrange our lifestyles, our material demands and our perceptions and conceptions about the environment we live in. Because we are Personal Pantheists it means we may not exploit the material energy knowing to whom it belongs and who created it, by taking more than our quota. That is dictated to us by the enlightening mode of goodness. Its only when we are predisposed to Ignorance and Passion that we engage proactively in the negative influences of capitalism. And these influences bind us by our activities to the material energy. Liberation from the material energy is based on our personal relationship with it, so the mode of goodness liberates us because it is enlightening. And the mode of goodness exists within Economy, Food Production, Diets, Transportation and all our social lives, and that’s what we are preaching, its not just words from a Book or from our mouths, we have to put that into actions and motions. We have to positively discriminate against the two lower modes of Nature to find Natural Goodness, Natural Economy and V.A.D.

Some of the major considerations of Cow Protection Agriculture and Trading is the food it produces and therefore the diet we eat. Food and eating are the last actions in a whole Agricultural event. We can’t separate our diet from the agricultural model that produces it. Some sections of devotees have adopted a vegan diet in a bid to avoid violence in the commercial dairy sector, which means that many devotees still shop in Supermarkets, corner shops and retail parks. That in itself means supporting businesses that are directly involved in animal slaughter, whether we buy dairy products or not. Those businesses are directly integrated in all animal slaughter to make profits, and in a supermarket environment those products are sold alongside many other products. As long as we shop and buy products within that business we are directly and indirectly supporting that business to make profits for them to stay in business, to slaughter animals.

For us to permanently and deeply choose the correct diet we have to see what agricultural model we are supporting for the diet to exist within the mode of goodness. We may think we are eating mode of goodness foods but that is a shallow and inaccurate way of measuring the goodness. How the food is grown is way more important. Let’s say we want to eat Wheat Flour to make Chapattis. If we just buy it from a supermarket we have supported that business and that chain of supermarkets that also supports animal slaughter, so that model is perpetuated by our custom irrespective of what we buy. If we have bought Wheat Flour we could have also supported the whole Industrialised way of farming through Tractors, through exploiting Chemical resources of the planet and through the Export-Import dynamic that capitalism supports. If we have bought anything we risk supporting all sorts of things we stand against, and we risk that the products are not even animal slaughter free. Most organic products are grown using animal slaughter manures and fertilisers to grow them, in fact as a farmer and grower myself, it’s becoming harder and harder to avoid animal slaughter products to grow food. Mostly the commercial food products are grown in very dubious circumstances and our diet makes very little, if not, any difference to violence in food production. In fact, today the dairy Industry is growing rapidly globally to keep up with the Asian markets of India and China. Dairy produce is now used in many more foods than it ever has been in the past.

The whole idea of Cow Protection is to basically grow all our own food within this self-determining dynamic model. Cow Protection in its most efficacious model is fully self-supporting, totally self-sufficient, with the minimum of violence, and employing the sweetest symbiotic relationship possible within the agricultural model. Our farming produce is grown not with impersonal huge machines drinking Diesel, but through live organic grass eating Cows and Bulls, with whom we relate, try to have a personal relationship with a machine! And its now been discovered through research that 17 field mice are killed per 50 acres of land cultivated for Grains, through modern farming techniques.

Not only all those amazing qualities but the whole Cow Protection Agricultural and Trading Model can be and has to be conducted in the mode of goodness. How cool is that. We can discard all the animal slaughter products from supermarkets that we support just by shopping there, we can fully engage and enable the closest model of farming to non-violence as possible, we can develop real personal relationships with our friends the Cows as deeply as we like, we can become dependent on ourselves, as devotees who fully support Cow Protection, and we can trade in Agricultural goods in making sure that scarcity in food is a thing of the past. Proper Trading. Then this defines our diets, by what we grow in our locality and by not eating processed foods and unnatural fats. Natural fats make us healthier, slimmer and more dependent on Cow Protection dairy products, which when based on exclusive grass fed cows is the healthiest fat. The more we play around with fats that we find in processed foods and margarines and spreads and cooking oils the unhealthier they become. In fact, more and more research studies are finding that natural high class fats such as grass fed dairy products can lower blood pressure and glucose levels leading to less type 2 diabetes, lowers the risk of heart disease and lower the risk of cancers.

Living Locally and eating Locally, that’s the inherent Cow Protection Agricultural and Trading models motto. We don’t need to look any further than this. If you don’t grow it you can’t eat it, unless you import from half way across the planet, but then that’s not goodness and it’s certainly not ecological. This import-export model is a capitalistic legacy which is based on total exploitation and vast carbon footprints. And that’s why diet is so important to devotees.

We can expect the return of Seasonal eating again, not to just buy Strawberries all year around from the Supermarket. We can learn all those local seasonal skills again personally, the ones that the Supermarkets have taught us to forget and lose. It’s called Natural Economy and its influences extend throughout our lives on sooo many levels, that we have lost. Symbiosis on ourselves, skills we have lost, harmony that does not even exist today, and seasonal energies. Cow Protection has to bring all this, otherwise it’s not real Cow Protection, it’s just a bunch of Cows in a field that won’t be killed, that’s 3rd class Cow Protection.

Cow Protection that exists in the mode of goodness is our big challenge.

Natural Economy in the mode of goodness is an even bigger challenge.

But Community in the mode of goodness is monumentally challenging.

If we ever want to try to establish V.A.D. we have to become skilled Cow Protectors first. V.A.D. does not stand a chance of working unless we understand how Natural Economy, Cow Protection and real Community dynamics work. We are not just a group of devotees. We are not an Institution of devotees. We are not just an organisation of devotees. We are not just a hierarchy of devotees we are a “community” of devotees. And this is the next huge point we have to establish, Community Consciousness.

Cow Protection, Natural Economy, Symbiosis, and Community. This is the other 50% that still does not exist in its most efficacious models. For devotees who have factually achieved and attained the mode of Goodness, the material energy is rapidly diminishing and all those relationships associated with the material energy are less important. That’s why we have to establish V.A.D for itself to exist in the mode of goodness, otherwise we are just depending on capitalism, animal slaughter food, and money generated from unethical businesses, and that for devotees is unacceptable. We have a whole alternative Society to create, maintain and preach. Then we will truly become successful and our preaching will take off. Because then, and only then will we be practicing what we preach.

By Dusantya Das