Gita Jayanti 2017

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ISKCON Phoenix is celebrating Gita Jayanti on national level in collaboration with Hindu House at Grand bassin (Gawshala) on Thursday 30 Nov.

On that day, we shall have complete recitation of Bhagavat Gita. The program will start as from 8.15 and it will be as such:
8.15 Gurupuja
8.45 Gitamahatmya
9.00 Recitation of Bhagavad gita will start. After each three chapter of both sanskriti and translation, there will be a small overview of what have been covered.
16.00- Arti of Bhagvad gita
16.30- Ganga Arti
17. Maha Prasad distribution

The program will be graced by HH Dhir Damodar swami.

1. It will be a musical presentation
2. Everyone is requested to bring his/ her bhagavad gita (Still, projection of verses will be arranged)
3. For those having transport difficulties, please note that provision have been made for enabling devotees to reach Grand bassin all through out the day. Bus will be available at Curepipe bus station- South near bus route 34.
For those residing in routes Plaine Magnien-Rose Belle- Nouvelle france and also for those residing in region of Mare Tabac-Riviere Du Poste- Grand Bois-BoisCheri, there will be a free bus passing through that route at 8.30 respectively.

Please pass the message to the devotees community, also to all your friends and relatives and also through different means of communication that you might have.

For more information.
Please Contact Nandanandan Das 57085815

Your Servant
Vyasa Krsna Das