Nama-Hatta Programmes

About twenty years ago, most devotees in Mauritius lived in the temple. Then some got married and began to live in their own homes, outside the temple. This inspired other householders to also take to Krishna consciousness and become devotees. Now, very few devotees live in the temple while thousands live in their homes, practise Krishna consciousness and come to the temple regularly. They are known as congregational or nama-hatta members.

Nama-hatta literally means “market place of the holy name” or a place where one buys the Hare Krishna maha-mantra! The purchasing currency is simply one’s faith and, according to how much faith one has, that much spiritual benefit one will get from the chanting. The term nama-hatta is used in ISKCON to describe a group of devotees and interested persons who regularly gather to chant and discuss Srila Prabhupada’s books together.

Since many devotees live too far from the temple to come to regular temple programmes, they meet at nama-hatta evenings. Any person interested in nama-hattas can attend these evenings to associate with the devotees, experience the joy of chanting Hare Krishna, and learn more about Krishna consciousness. Krishna consciousness is so sublime that each individual can make progress at his own pace and still feel Krishna’s mercy. So if you have even a slight interest in our activities but cannot follow the rules and regulations, please still feel free to join our nama-hatta programmes, or join in any of our other events and Sunday Feast. They are free and open to all.

Here is a list of regular nama-hatta programmes held in different regions of Mauritius. For more information you may contact us or phone the person taking care of the nama-hatta group you would like to join. If you would like to start a nama-hatta group at your home, please contact Giridhari Das on 750 4080 or Devakinandana Das on 759 7648