Narsimha Chaturdasi

In the purport of 7.8.51 of Srimad-Bhagavatam, Srila Prabhupada writes, “The Supreme Personality of Godhead in His transcendental form of Lord Narsimhadev is always ready to kill the demons who always create disturbances in the minds of honest devotees. To spread the Krishna consciousness movement, devotees have to face many dangers and impediments all over the world, but a faithful servant who preaches with great devotion to the Lord must know that Lord Narsimhadev is always his protector”.
Lord Narsimhadev is therefore worshipped by the devotees as their Supreme Protector and they also pray that He vanquishes all obstacles they may face on the path of devotional service. So it is with much enthusiasm that the devotees come to together to worship the Lord on this day of His appearance in the material world.
In the morning Srimad-Bhagavatam class, the speaker glorifies Lord Narsimhadev. Fasting is until dusk so the programme is celebrated in the evening with abhishek, lecture, drama and prasadam.
Special prayers are sung for Lord Narsimhadev throughout the day.

Brief story of Narsimhadev

Lord Narsimhadev is the most ferocious form of Krishna. Krishna took this formidable form of half-man, half-lion to protect his pure five-year old devotee, Prahlad Maharaj. The father of Prahlad Maharaj was Hiranyakashipu, the greatest demon of his time, who thought he was invincible. He had received boons from Lord Brahma that he would never be killed by a man or an animal, or by any weapon, that he would not see death during the night or day, inside a building or outside and that he would neither die on land nor in the sky.

While Prahlad Maharaj, Hiranyakashipu’s son, was in his mother’s womb, his mother was captive in Narada Muni’s ashram. As a result, mother and child were constantly listening to transcendental narrations of Krishna and Prahlad was born a pure devotee of Krishna.

Prahlad returned to his demon father’s kingdom where his materialistic education was ensured. However, instead of taking the instructions of his demoniac teachers, Sanda and Amarka, he would defeat them. Furthermore, he convinced all his school friends that worship of Vishnu was better than wasting one’s childhood in futile play. Sanda and Amarka were afraid that Prahlad would become a devotee instead of a materialistic leader like his father so they approached Hiranyakashipu for help.

Despite all combined efforts of these demons, Prahlad was unflinching in his determination to serve Lord Krishna. Hiranyakashipu could not tolerate his defeat in bringing up the heir to his throne. He tried to kill Prahlad by having him thrown off a cliff, thrown into a pit of snakes, plunged into boiling oil, administered poison through his food but in each case Krishna protected His devotee and Prahlad remained hurt.

Hiranyakashipu was infuriated that he was not able to kill his son. About to himself attempt to kill his son, he challenged Prahlad: “Where do you get your strength from?” Prahlad replied, “From the same person who gives you strength my father. His name is Vishnu. He resides everywhere”. The demon could tolerate no more. In anger he pointed to a pillar on the threshold of his palace, “Is your Vishnu within this pillar? Then I’ll kill Him.” As he prepared his sword to slice the pillar the Supreme Lord thunderously emerged from the pillar and appeared in his wonderful, ferocious form of Lord Narsimhadev. The Lord performed his pastimes by fighting with the demon for some time and then taking Hiranyakashipu on His lap (neither on the ground nor in the sky), He ripped him apart with his sharp nails. Hiranyakashipu was killed at dusk (neither night nor day), on the threshold of the palace (neither inside nor outside), by the nails of the Lord in the form of half-lion, half-man (not by a weapon, man, nor beast).

After Hiranyakashipu was killed, Lord Narsimhadev roared ferociously until Prahlad pacified him with prayers. Thus the entire universe was relieved of the rule of Hiranyakashipu and everyone was jubilant.