Bhim Nirjala Ekadasi

There are two ekadasi fasts each month but there is one very special ekadasi each year which usually falls in July. This ekadasi is known as Bhima Nirjala Ekadasi and is equivalent to fasting on all other ekadasis. If by mistake a devotee has not been able to fast on an ekadasi, he makes sure that he fasts on Bhima Ekadasi to make up for the one(s) he has missed.

In Mauritius, many devotees gather at the temple to spend the night of Bhima Ekadasi together. They not only fast from all food but also from water and they do not sleep all night. A programme of kirtans, bhajans, talks, sketches, quizzes, film shows and debates is organized from the 7 p.m arati and throughout the night.

Although it is usually very cold at this time of the year, especially at our Phoenix temple, devotees feel very happy and spiritually surcharged after this fast.