The Deity is worshipped in the temple like a king. All day the pujaris (priests) in the temple serve Krishna by dressing Him, making garlands for Him and most important of all, cooking for Him.

In Mauritius Sri Sri Radha-Golokananda at Phoenix and Sri Sri Krishna-Balaram at Bon-Accueil are offered 6 offerings of bhoga (vegetarian delicacies) a day. The preparations are made from the finest ingredients in Krishna’s personal kitchen by devotees who are assigned to cook for Him. Krishna accepts the offerings of love and returns them to the devotees as maha-prashadam. This devotional exchange is very important in the process of bhakti.

The first offering is of milk sweets presented to Krishna when He is awoken at 4 a.m and the last meal is offered at 9 p.m. At noon the pujaris offer Krishna a feast called Raj Bhog, which means a feast fit for a king.

Through a programme called Annadan (literally meaning offering of grains), you may also share in this loving service to Krishna. Sponsoring a Raj Bhog offering costs Rs. 1008. You will in turn receive servings of the maha-prashadam.

Some devotees also choose to sponsor one particular food item for Krishna’s kitchen every month. You may donate for this item in cash or kind.

For more information please contact Saraswati Dasi on 697 2300 or the Temple Office on 696 5804.