Iskcon Vedic Farm Endowment Fund

ISKCON Vedic Farm Endowment Fund - Donate for the pleasure of Their Lordships Sri Sri Krishna- Balarama

The ISKCON Temple Endowment Fund is a publicly supported, charitable organization for those who want to purify their lives by donating money in the service of the Supreme Personality of Godhead and His devotees.

The Vedic scriptures explain that service may be rendered to the Supreme Lord in four ways: by using our speech, our body, our intelligence and our money. Everyone can use the tongue to speak about the glories of Lord Krishna and spread the message of the Vedic scriptures to everyone. The body can be engaged in the service of the Lord through such activities as cleaning the temple and cooking for the Deities and devotees. Intelligence can be invested in devising strategies for preaching the message of the Lord. Money, which is acquired by using a comination of one's speech, body and intelligence, can be donated for the maintenance of the temple and to take care fo the Deities. This is an excellent method for obtaning the supreme Lord's benediction or blessings.

Those who are interested in serving Their Lordships Sri Sri Krishna Balarama or supporting temple projects may contact Temple President Sriniketana Das ACBSP, at (230) 418 3185 or Arjuna Das ACBSP at (230) 770 9108 or by email at: and or