Gita Jayanti 2017

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ISKCON Phoenix is celebrating Gita Jayanti on national level in collaboration with Hindu House at Grand bassin (Gawshala) on Thursday 30 Nov.

3,000 Pound Golden Chakra Installed on TOVP Planetarium Dome


On Thursday August 10th, a golden Sudarshan Chakra, weighing 1,400 kilograms (3,086 lbs), was installed on the Planetarium Wing dome of ISKCON’s under-construction Temple of the Vedic Planetarium in Mayapur, West Bengal.

The Sanga Initiative Inspires ISKCON Leaders of the Future


“People always tell us, ‘You’re the next generation, you’re going to take over!’” says Ksamesvari Edwards, 21, a board member of US-based youth organization The Sanga Initiative. “So our goal is to become steadfast in our Krishna consciousness and in our lives, so that we can one day successfully run the Hare Krishna Movement.”

New Vrajadhama to Host 10th Anniversary of ISKCON Farm Conference


Hungary’s New Vraja Dhama – also known as Krishna Valley – will host the 10th anniversary of the ISKCON Farm Conference, entitled “Back to Basics,” from September 15th to 17th this year. Organized by the ISKCON Ministry for Agriculture and Cow Protection, the celebrations will kick off a worldwide series of events in farms like New Gokula, Brazil; New Vrindaban, USA and more.

Sri Krishna Janmastami


Tuesday 15th of August
6pm to Midnight
at all ISKCON centres in Mauritius

His Grace Sankarshan Prabhu's Visit to Mauritius June 17


Friday 02 June 2017 12.00 Arrival
Saturday 03 June 201707.30: Sri Caitanya Caritramrita–SS Radha Golokananda Mandir
9.30: Sankirtan

His Grace Gaura Gopal's Prabhu's First Visit To Mauritius

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Gaura Gopal Prabhu,international lifestyle coach and brhamacari preacher from "Radha Gopinath Mandir", Chowpatty Mumbai, will be in Mauritius during the first week of June. You may find his schedule here:

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